Katie King

Co-Founder at AIinFM

Featured regularly on BBC TV and radio, Katie King is a strategic business consultant and international conference speaker on the FM circuit. She has delivered two TEDx talks, the last one was on the subject of AI.

Katie is Managing Director of Zoodikers and is the Chairperson for the PRCA's South East/East Anglia Group.

Kate has worked with many FM organizations including the trade bodies, ISS UK/East Anglia Group, PHS Group and many more. She is a former Director of leading global PR agency Text 100, part of Next Fifteen Group Plc.  









Jeremy White

Product Editor, Wired Magazine

Responsible for the magazine's coverage of all manner of physical products, from smart-home hubs to cars, footwear to phones, drones to interior design. As well as writing and editing WIRED's coverage, Jeremy also consults directly with a wide range of businesses delivering an outside perspective on the latest developments and how products might better be designed. He looks at the very latest in intelligent industrial design and product innovation. By considering how companies create new products, where they get it wrong and right, how technology is applied well and poorly, he helps companies and individuals to understand innovative thinking, how they can adopt it, and their lives and businesses might change.

Steve Reynolds

Managing director, TBS Enterprise Mobility & president, the Mobile Data Association 

In a career in the mobile industry now spanning over 25 years, Steve Reynolds has carved-out a reputation as a leading figure in enterprise mobility. He is passionate about mobile technology, its potential to transform businesses and enable them to overcome challenges. Steve has become renowned for leading best practice and continually striving to set new industry benchmarks. Throughout his career, Steve has continued to play a key role in shaping the mobile industry. He has guided key governmental organisations and MPs on progressing mobile implementations on a national level, getting involved with major events including the 2012 Olympics. A prolific public speaker, Steve delivers insightful and dynamic talks on the latest issues impacting enterprise mobility at prominent events around the world. To find out more about TBS, please click here.

Paul Foster

Technology Evangelist, Microsoft

Paul is committed to helping people build amazing apps using the latest technology. He’s passionate about how software changes the world – how it entertains, educates and simplifies tasks and enables amazing progress to be made. Paul has worked with individuals, governments and companies of all sizes to progress their businesses and lives through software development. You will find him speaking at large conferences, hack-a-thons and school outreach events. Paul inspires individuals and businesses by supporting them on the magical journey to create software that millions of people could benefit from using, showing them how software touches all aspects of modern life.

Alan Bennett

Chief Engineer of Electrical and Electronics, Aston Martin

Alan Bennett became Chief Engineer of Electrical and Electronics at Aston Martin in December 2005.  During his 25 year career in the automotive industry he has been responsible for product development at Rover, Land Rover, Tickford Engineering and Prodrive. Alan was born in Coventry in January 1966 and graduated from Brunel University with an Engineering degree in 1988.  He now lives close to Aston Martin’s Warwickshire headquarters with his wife and two young sons. Since joining Aston Martin in July 2003 Alan has used his extensive experience in Power Train control systems to develop the widely acclaimed DBS, DB9 and V8 Vantage, ensuring that the vehicles retain their unique Aston Martin driving character whilst meeting worldwide emissions requirements.  As Chief Engineer Alan has led continued development of Aston Martin’s electrical systems including the recently launched Rapide S, and Vanquish models and has introduced many new systems including a completely bespoke infotainment system.

Dr. Anthony Baxendale

Manager of Future Transport and Technology, Motor Industry Research Association

Anthony Baxendale graduated in 1982 with a BSc(Eng) honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College of Science and Technology and in 1986 with a PhD in Offshore Engineering from Heriot Watt University. Dr Baxendale joined MIRA Ltd. in 1991 and is now Head of Advanced Technologies & Research, responsible for MIRA’s future transport technology strategy and the operational management and development of the programme to deliver this. The key pillars of this programme are low carbon vehicle technologies, intelligent mobility technologies and autonomous ground vehicle technologies. He has an effective and innovative management portfolio with a proven track record of successfully delivering a broad range of transport related research projects for a wide range of government agencies, commercial organisations as well as internally funded R&D programmes.

Rob Bamforth

Principal Analyst, Quocrica Ltd

Rob Bamforth is a Principal Analyst working with Quocirca Ltd, focusing on business communications, with particular emphasis on mobile, social, unified and machine to machine (Internet of Things) communications. His experience combines sales and marketing with an in-depth understanding of technology development and deployment. Rob is regularly quoted in both technology and mainstream business media and is a regular contributor of analytical content to knowyourmobile.com, IT-Director.com and TechRepublic, and regularly blogs on Computing.  During his career, he has actively promoted the business benefits of emerging technologies such as the internet and Java, and has presented at innumerable industry events, as well as working closely with standards bodies. He has written numerous articles and many reports encompassing the impact and management of mobile devices, the evolution of service providers, mobile email momentum, visual communications, VoIP and unified communications.  Rob also presents at conferences, contributes in video interviews and webinars and provides market analysis support as a strategic advisor to the Mobile Data Association.

Steve Suckling

Chief Research Officer, Echo Breaker Research and Analysis Ltd

Dr Steve Suckling is a researcher who specialises in decision making, investigating the reasoning methods people apply to their decision making with a focus on how people make sense of risk and uncertainty. Dr Suckling’s research is widely used to improve clinical reasoning, construction site decision making and he has coached the CEO’s of Global organisations on how to improve judgments in uncertain conditions. Prior to his current role as Chief Research Officer at Echo Breaker Research and Analysis, Dr Suckling worked at Staffordshire University looking at decision making in complex and high risk environments. He has also been a research consultant for the NHS, is published in academic journals, and regularly blogs on decision making. Dr Suckling has a PhD in Organisational Behaviour from Staffordshire University.

Paul Lee

DTTL TMT Head of Research, Deloitte

Paul Lee is responsible for technology, media, and telecommunications research at Deloitte. In this role Paul has authored over 70 TMT reports including Deloitte’s annual Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecommunications series. In 2011 Predictions was launched in over 70 countries. Paul also founded the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, which in its inaugural year included data from 17 countries and over 34,000 individual responses.

Nick Atkin

Nick has been fully paperless for the last 14 years and has driven through a fully flexible/ remote working approach as part of his current role as Chief Executive at Halton Housing Trust.

He is a keen advocate of innovation, maximising the digital potential and tweets on a regular basis (@nickatkin_hht).  He has led the move away from all internal email by March 2015 and for 90% of Trust customers to be accessing services online by 2018.

He is included in the top 25 most influential people in housing. For the last two consecutive years the Trust has been the most digitally connected organisation in the Visceral Business Connected Housing Index, in which Nick was also the most influential digital leader.